E-Replica is the website of Émail Réplica, the enamel plaque specialists.

Émail Réplica was founded in 1995. At that time, terms like spam and inbox had yet to develop their new definitions; likewise, the French word émail was still taken to mean enamel. The world has changed since then, but thankfully, Émail Réplica continues to manufacture high-quality enamelled products based on vintage advertising designs. This may be your first contact with our collection. If so, we hope it may help your learn to love the world of classic retro memorabilia. For our existing customers, who are already well aware of our commitment to quality, we are delighted to be able to draw your attention to our many new products.

This is also an opportunity for us to underline the prevalence of inferior items in the marketplace. Our starting point is to select quality production methods that are worthy of the original designs.
Economic crisis or not, our philosophy has not changed: the collectable of tomorrow must be an authentically beautiful objet today. We hope you enjoy our catalogue and that you'll find something that catches your eyes...

Last update

La vache qui rit®

Embossed perpetual calendar on convex tin
Ref ER 106
30 October 2017

La vache qui rit®

20x30 cm (7⅞"x11¾"),
£ 19.30

La vache qui rit®

Enamel pot
11 August 2017


Ø 10 cm, h 15 cm (Ø 3⅞"x5⅞"),
£ 23.00 (ou £ 61.90 for assortment of 3)

Crème de gruyère - La vache qui rit®

Screen-printed convex enamel sign
11 August 2017

Crème de gruyère

Ø 25 cm (Ø 9⅞"),
£ 34.10